Get Netflix to pick up Playing House-Sign Petition



Dear Netflix Execs,

Please pick up Playing House. Make them an offer, at this point they’ve been treated so shabbily by USA-TV that you might be able to get them for some fancy hand soaps and unlimited funyuns. We’ve started a petition to encourage you.  Here’s the thing Netflix, Playing House is a very funny show. It’s funny in the way that you remember a line from the show four days later and you almost choke on your turkey club cause you’re laughing so hard. It’s it makes me forget I’m menopausal funny. It’s don’t bother me kids I’m watching Playing House and having a vodka smoothie funny. It’s my Mother In Law just stopped by with that look that says “a nest of mole rats keeps a better house than this” and I don’t even care funny.

USA doesn’t appreciate Playing House. I don’t know why. Maybe they don’t like women who are funny. Maybe they don’t like women who are funny and eat ice cream. Maybe they’re aliens. I don’t know but for whatever reason they have not renewed Playing House yet and I think you should get in on this Netflix.  Use that sexy logo and make a play for Playing House. You won’t regret it and neither will the millions of women who love this show.


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