Playing House renewed for Second Season!!!!



In a move that had all the quickness of a tortoise courting a sloth USA has decided to renew Playing House. Congratulations to Jessica, Lennon and the entire talented cast! I wonder what finally made the execs sign off on the second season? The loyal and rabid fan base, the lack of television written by women for women that celebrates female friendship that doesn’t end in a Housewife slapping fest or perhaps they just decided they couldn’t let a great show go to Netflix? Whatever the reason and despite the glacially slow decision making Thank You USA and NBCUniversal.

Read Below for the article on the VOD model for the second season.

UPDATED: Better late than ever — six months after USA Networks’ Playing Houseended its 10-episode first season, the well received but low rated comedy series has been renewed for a second season with an eight-episode order. The news comes on the heels of USA announcing a pullout from original scripted comedy, with executing series Playing House, Benched and Sirens as the only remaining representatives of the genre. The move called into question the network’s commitment to Playing House, which had soft ratings on the network but did OK on demand. That has helped the Universal Cable Prods.-produced series get renewed though a new windowing model where new episodes will premiere first on video-on-demand platforms, such as  Xfinity and USA Now, and TV Everywhere before airing on the linear USA channel a week later.


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