Playing House renewed for Second Season!!!!



In a move that had all the quickness of a tortoise courting a sloth USA has decided to renew Playing House. Congratulations to Jessica, Lennon and the entire talented cast! I wonder what finally made the execs sign off on the second season? The loyal and rabid fan base, the lack of television written by women for women that celebrates female friendship that doesn’t end in a Housewife slapping fest or perhaps they just decided they couldn’t let a great show go to Netflix? Whatever the reason and despite the glacially slow decision making Thank You USA and NBCUniversal.

Read Below for the article on the VOD model for the second season.

UPDATED: Better late than ever — six months after USA Networks’ Playing Houseended its 10-episode first season, the well received but low rated comedy series has been renewed for a second season with an eight-episode order. The news comes on the heels of USA announcing a pullout from original scripted comedy, with executing series Playing House, Benched and Sirens as the only remaining representatives of the genre. The move called into question the network’s commitment to Playing House, which had soft ratings on the network but did OK on demand. That has helped the Universal Cable Prods.-produced series get renewed though a new windowing model where new episodes will premiere first on video-on-demand platforms, such as  Xfinity and USA Now, and TV Everywhere before airing on the linear USA channel a week later.


Get Netflix to pick up Playing House-Sign Petition



Dear Netflix Execs,

Please pick up Playing House. Make them an offer, at this point they’ve been treated so shabbily by USA-TV that you might be able to get them for some fancy hand soaps and unlimited funyuns. We’ve started a petition to encourage you.  Here’s the thing Netflix, Playing House is a very funny show. It’s funny in the way that you remember a line from the show four days later and you almost choke on your turkey club cause you’re laughing so hard. It’s it makes me forget I’m menopausal funny. It’s don’t bother me kids I’m watching Playing House and having a vodka smoothie funny. It’s my Mother In Law just stopped by with that look that says “a nest of mole rats keeps a better house than this” and I don’t even care funny.

USA doesn’t appreciate Playing House. I don’t know why. Maybe they don’t like women who are funny. Maybe they don’t like women who are funny and eat ice cream. Maybe they’re aliens. I don’t know but for whatever reason they have not renewed Playing House yet and I think you should get in on this Netflix.  Use that sexy logo and make a play for Playing House. You won’t regret it and neither will the millions of women who love this show.

Renew Playing House and No one gets hurt

Dear Universal Executives

My name is Marie Jones and I am in that much maligned “over 40” age group of women. You see Universal Executives contrary to popular belief women like me actually count for something. Just a few examples below:

Women have tremendous spending power in America today—and it’s growing. Market estimates about their total purchasing prowess varies, ranging anywhere from $5 trillion to $15 trillion annually. Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care. (

  • Boomer Women and Affluence – One huge, affluent segment wields more spending clout than any other: Baby-Boomer women. Born between 1946 and 1964, these women represent a portion of the buying public no marketer can afford to ignore. With successful careers, investments made during the “boom” years, and inheritances from parents or husbands, they are more financially empowered than any previous generation of women. – Mary Brown, Carol Orsborn, Ph.D., Marketing to the Ultimate Power Consumer—The Baby-Boomer Woman
  • Senior women age 50 and older control net worth of $19 trillion and own more than three-fourths of the nation’s financial wealth. – MassMutual Financial Group–2007
  • Fifty-plus American women are the healthiest, wealthiest and most active generation of women in history. – Demographics by Mark Miller

I say this not to pat my “non teenager” group on the back but to wonder what you’re thinking by not renewing Playing House yet.  I’ve seen every episode of Playing House at a Playing House party. This is a party where women of a certain age get together, have cocktails, laugh, watch Playing House and then talk about silly things like the new cars we’re buying or the vacations we just purchased.

I mention this because yours is a business run by, for and with the holy grail of advertising dollars as your lodestar.  So I wonder why you haven’t renewed a show that uplifts women, empowers women, celebrates friendship between women and that women seem to really like, the same women that account for 85% of all consumer purchases.

Now I was hardly an economics major in college or grad school so if anyone can explain this to me I’d appreciate it. In the meantime I’ll be spending my share of the 15 trillion dollars women spend annually on companies smart enough to advertise on a network that makes good choices.

Please Renew Playing House

Marie Jones

Proving that friendship is stronger than tequila season after season